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February 15th, 2003 • 2:05 am

My Internet connection is in beta form (28.8 kbps at best)…

My computer system is in beta form (Mac OS X 10.2.4 and counting)…

My life is in beta form and will always remain so…

It is thus only appropriate that I call this “new” endeavour a… BETAlogue.

Welcome to my beta users.

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  1. peer says:

    hello, i just found this page while hoping to find a way to make my postscript laserwriter (oki 12 i/n) come back to work!!

    maybe somebody can help.
    my system is 10.3.5 (german) and i’m using a 1,33 powerbook, and the printer is connected via ethernet (directly to the mac or to my wlan base station’s lan port).
    the problem: the printer shows up in the drinter utility (with name etc), but when i try to print anything it just says “opening connection” – and nothing happens.

    i don’t know what has changed, because it used to work more or less perfect!

    for me, os 9 seemed to be simpler…

    thanks for help,

  2. peer says:

    oh oh,
    i think that was the wrong place to ask for help… was a welcome message!


  3. Pierre Igot says:

    More generally, this blog is not a help forum. I don’t mind helping out people as part of the discussion on a given topic, but a blog is not meant for readers to start their own discussions. Check out the usual Mac help forums, such as MacFixIt, etc. Good luck.

  4. Radardan says:

    Hello Pierre

    I hope you are keeping up with the Mcirosoft debacle over the equal right measure in Washignton State. I’m hoping when you get back you will post about this self-indictment of Microsoft.

    Microsoft has been incredibly stupid, but as users of their software I think we know that already.

    Anyway, I’ve got a lot of links about this if you want them, but the best place to go is Americablog.com.

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