Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
February 15th, 2003 • 7:33 pm

Man Utd vs. Arsenal: 0-2 at Old Trafford… Cost a bloody fortune to watch on PPV here in Canada, considering that it was broadcast live on BBC in England. It was not a great game, but it was a great cup game, full of tension and sweet release. The Giggs blunder was embarrassing, but you can tell he wanted the goal to look good. A bit sad, considering that Giggs is one of the only really nice players that Man U have. But he cannot compensate for years of constant bully-football by Man U. They have got to go. Players like Keane bring shame to the game. Fortunately, he was a shadow of himself today.

So nice to see Wiltord with that great big smile of his again… It’s been a long time.

Class vs. Ruud-ness… What can you say? Sweet…

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