Mail 7: Saving multiple attachments now requires multiple clicks

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
October 28th, 2013 • 9:11 am

Apple’s engineers have a strong tendency of being unable to leave good enough alone.

In the previous version of Mail, if you received an email message containing multiple attachments, there was a way to save all these attachments with a single click. You could just use a single click on the “Save” button in the message header, and this single click would automatically save all the attachments in the “Downloads” folder defined in Mail’s preferences (under “General”).

Now, in Mail 7, if you use a single click on the “Save” button, the result looks like this:


The only option here is to select the “Save All” command and then to select your destination folder manually. There is no longer any option to save the attachments directly to the “Downloads” folder defined in Mail’s preferences from this menu.

As far as I can tell, the only place where the “Downloads” folder defined in Mail’s preferences still has any relevance in Mail 7’s interface is in the contextual menu you get when you right-click or control-click on the icon of an individual attachment in the body of the email:


But of course this only works for one attachment at a time.

I have to save multiple attachments multiple times every day. Now every time this will require several extra clicks with the mouse.

I guess that they call this progress down in Cupertino.

[UPDATE: Reader Kevin Bush points out that you can use command-A to select the entire body of the message and then save all the attachments to the “Downloads” folder at once. It is indeed better, but it still requires more than one step.]

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