Jeffrey Toobin’s profile of Elizabeth Warren in The New Yorker

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Language
November 22nd, 2012 • 9:22 am

I know it’s old news, but I came across this sentence this morning:

When Warren was six or seven, in Okhlahoma City, she told me…

So, apparently, Mr. Toobin’s astonishing journalistic skills include the ability to spot future US senators when they are six or seven years old and interview them right there on the spot.

Given that Mr. Toobin was born in 1960 and that Elizabeth Warren was born in 1949, the feat is even more astonishing. Jeffrey Toobin was able to intervew the young Elizabeth Warren before he was even born. Wow.

(I know, I know, it’s a bit of a cheap shot at an already stale piece of writing. But I do feel that The New Yorker’s standards have been slipping a bit lately. I also remember catching a forward meaning “foreword” in a fairly recent article, although I don’t have the exact reference.)

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