A cruft record?

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Bell Satellite
July 10th, 2012 • 4:50 pm

I’ve written about the crappiness of Bell Canada’s web site before. Here’s another very simple illustration. This is a video recording of what is displayed in the web browser’s address bar when I log in:

Marvelous, isn’t it? And the whole site is like this. Whenever you click on anything, you have to get through at least half a dozen different URLs before the browser actually reaches its destination.

Of course, these are only automatic redirections, but still… They add up, and make the process of browsing the web site a slow, painful experience. (And that’s not even counting the numerous times when the page it takes you to actually displays a “Loading… Please wait!” animation, as it does here at the last step, while the “MyServices” page is loading.)

I just cannot believe that a telecommunications giant such as Bell is unable to provide its users with a better web browsing experience. Things have improved marginally over the years, but we are still nowhere near a smooth browsing experience. (And it’s not like the pages that I am browsing offer a rich multimedia experience. These are just pages for viewing account settings, changing options, downloading bills, etc.)

I have looked at alternatives, but the local cable company is still significantly behind in its HD offerings, including for two of the channels that I watch most often, which are only available in SD. So I cannot switch, and I just have to put up with Bell.

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