Word 2011: Resizing text boxes with dark edges

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
December 15th, 2010 • 6:25 pm

Working with text boxes in Word 2011 is an endless source of fun.

Let’s take a text box formatted with one of Word 2011’s own “quick styles,” i.e. with a black background and a light-coloured edge:

As you can see, resizing the text box works reasonably well. You don’t get “live” resizing. Instead, you can a grey outline indicating where the bottom line will be after the resizing.

Now let’s change the colour of the box’s edge to something dark and try again:

Lovely. This means that, if you or the author of the document you are working on used the “wrong” combination of colours, you will effectively be forced to work “in the dark,” as if you were more or less blind.

Combine that with the situation with the I-beam cursor described earlier, and, like I said, you have an endless source of fun.

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