Address Book: Workaround for defective ‘Go to My Card’ command using Keyboard Maestro

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 9th, 2010 • 11:47 am

Earlier this year, I wrote about this flaw in Mac OS X’s Address Book where, if you have the results of a search currently on display in the application, the “Go to My Card” command fails to work.

Now I would like to share a quick workaround that I designed using Keyboard Maestro.

I created a macro called “Show My Card” for Address Book in Keyboard Maestro and this macro includes the following steps:

  1. Execute my improved “Find” macro for Address Book, which I described in this post last week and improved after writing this post yesterday.
  2. Type the Delete keystroke, which deletes the current contents of the search field if it contains anything.
  3. Select the “Go to My Card” menu item in the menu “Card” in Address Book

I assigned the control-Home keyboard shortcut to this command, et voilà. I now have a quick shortcut for the “Go to My Card” command that fixes the flaw described in my earlier post and makes sure it works even if there is a search currently in progress.

It’s much better than having to wait until Apple fixes the problem. And the value of my investment in Keyboard Maestro increases every day!

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