Mail 4.0: Fixes incorrect quote level bug in plain text messages

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
September 3rd, 2009 • 2:18 pm

Apparently, a bit of work has been going on under the hood at Apple’s Mail application department, especially when it comes to editing plain text messages. (Mail uses rich text, i.e. HTML, by default, but I still prefer plain text for most e-mail messages, and a lot of other e-mail users agree with me that plain text is preferable.)

A number of bugs have been fixed, including this one, which I first reported in early 2008, about mangled quote levels when editing a reply in plain text.

It used to be that deleting a block of text with a certain quote level would cause the quote level of the first line of the next block of text to change. Not anymore. Here’s an example of a text selection that would cause problems in Mail 3.x:

Selected quoted text

In Mail 3.x, deleting this selection would cause Mail to change the quote level of the text that immediately followed. Not anymore:

Deleted quoted text

It took a while to get Apple to fix this, but finally it is fixed, and plain text e-mail users can rejoice. (Not too much, though: Mail 4.0 does introduce new bugs. More on them later.)

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