Word 2008: Going grey

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
May 26th, 2009 • 2:37 pm

Is there any other Mac OS X application on this planet where you can be in the process of typing text in a table:

Table in Word

and all of a sudden you get this:

Grey in Word


It truly is remarkable. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Microsoft Word 2008 is pure, unadulterated crap. It’s not worth the plastic used to produce the discs.

Meanwhile, my wife is still using Microsoft Word 2004 (because she needs some VBA macros for her work) and the application is crashing nearly each and every time she attempts to print a document.

What am I supposed to tell her? What am I supposed to do? How can any reasonable human being justify spending any amount of time trying to find ways to work about Microsoft Word’s endless list of bugs, flaws, and general insanities?

Based on my parents’ hair colour, I don’t expect to go grey any time soon. Then again, since I am still forced to use Microsoft Word on a regular basis for my work, I wouldn’t be surprised if I started going grey sooner than expected.

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