EPL 2007-2008: Derby 2 – Arsenal 6

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
April 29th, 2008 • 10:19 am

It was somewhat disappointing that this was not a 12-0 victory, with such a gap in quality between the two sides. A half dozen goals was pretty a minimum requirement here, and shamefully Arsenal is now one of the very few sides in the league against which Derby has actually scored two goals in the same game.

But of course at this stage of the season, you cannot really draw too many conclusions. The Gunners obviously only took the game half seriously, and it is hard to blame them. What really does boggle the mind is why Paul Jewell actually elected to take the management job at Derby. I mean, based on this season’s evidence, they will struggle not to be relegated next year too. What on earth attracted Paul Jewell here? It really is quite mysterious.

There really is not much else to say. Adebayor got a deserved hat trick, which brings his goal tally for the season to 30. It’s too bad he suffered from a lull at a crucial time in the season. But then, the whole team did.

The questions about the Arsenal defence remain unanswered, and it is quite obvious that Arsène Wenger will need to make at least one purchase in that department in the summer, especially if, as suspected, Senderos is allowed to leave.

Third place is guaranteed. The goal now is to finish with 83 points. Whether that will be enough to move ahead of one of the two top teams is highly questionable. We will obviously know more about this by kick-off time on Sunday. Until then, we are all spectators, and of course most Arsenal fans will probably be Barcelona supporters today.

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