PowerPoint 2008: Fails to update insertion point properly

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
February 11th, 2008 • 2:46 pm

Take a text block in PowerPoint that contains some words in roman characters followed by a word in italics. Say you want to delete the last two words, i.e. the last word in roman characters and the word in italics. So you select them both, like so:

Mixed selection

And then you press Delete to delete the selection. In your opinion, what should the cursor for the insertion point look like after the deletion? It should be a regular, vertical I-beam, right?

Wrong! Here’s what you get in PowerPoint 2008:

Italics cursor

And yes, if you continue typing after this, the I-beam cursor stays slanted, even though you are now typing in roman characters:

Still italics cursor

Frankly, if I were a MacBU developer, I would be ashamed of having released such a product. But of course PowerPoint 2004 and the versions that came before were just as bad in their own way, so obviously shame is an unknown concept over there.

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