Word 2008: Disk volume ‘is not a valid folder’

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
January 21st, 2008 • 10:27 am

I store my documents on a separate partition on my hard drive, so when I want to save a new document in Word, I want it to use that separate partition as the default location for saving files.

For as long as I can remember, Word has had an option in its preferences to specify the default file location for documents. In previous versions of Word, I had no trouble changing this file location setting to the root level of my documents partition.

But now this is no longer possible in Word 2008.

When I go to Word 2008’s preferences (which, as indicated in a previous post, seem to have all gone back to their default values), and I try to modify the default value (which is empty) for the “Documents” file type in the “File locations” preference pane, if I choose my documents partition itself as the new location, I get this error message:

The folder is not valid

Just to make sure, I tried the two different approaches available in the Open File dialog box: I tried selecting the partition itself in the sidebar, and I also tried going back up one level to my computer itself and selecting the partition as a subfolder inside the computer (which is the top-most level in the file/folder hierarchy). In both cases, I got the same error message.

I also tried the same thing in Word 2004 again, and it worked just fine there.

So obviously Microsoft made some change somewhere, and now this no longer works.

Thanks, Microsoft.

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  1. Warren Beck says:

    Perhaps Default Folder would be of use in this situation. It permits one to define a default folder for each application program, and other preference settings permit control of the behavior of the standard file dialogs to fit a given purpose. I’ve been happy with it under Mac OS X for quite a while.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    Good idea. I forgot that DF had that option. It seems to do exactly what I want. (I’ve been a DF user for a long time. I just never used that particular feature.) Thanks for reminding me!

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