Pages 2: Does not fix font smoothing issue

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Pages
January 24th, 2006 • 6:11 pm

This is very disappointing for LCD users. The new version of Pages (2.0) included in iWork ’06 does not fix the font smoothing issue introduced in Pages 1.0.

In other words, regardless of which font smoothing style you’ve selected in your “Appearance” preference pane in System Preferences, Pages uses the standard (for CRT) font smoothing scheme without coloured pixels. Even if you prefer the “Medium” font smoothing style, for example, Pages still doesn’t use that style for font rendering in the body of your Pages documents—even though it uses the correct font smoothing style elsewhere in its interface.

This is very disappointing, and is such a well-documented and well-reported bug that there is no apparent excuse for Apple not to have fixed it in this paying upgrade of the program. (Let’s not mention the fact that it should be fixed in a free upgrade for Pages 1.0 users as well.)

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