Mail 2.0: Ugly redrawing glitch

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
November 8th, 2005 • 11:57 am

Say you are composing a reply to a mail message in Mail 2.0 and your reply contains quoted text from the original message, followed by your own text. Now put your insertion point at the very bottom of the message and bring up the dialog sheet to attach a document to your message.

The following screen shot shows what happens after you’ve selected the document you want to attach and clicked on the “Choose File” button in the dialog sheet:

Redrawing glitch

It’s not pretty!

Granted, it’s only a temporary glitch that occurs while Mac OS X is pulling the dialog sheet back up. It’s purely cosmetic, and it clears up by itself as soon as the dialog sheet is gone.

Still, it’s the kind of pretty obvious ugliness that seems to slip by unnoticed by Apple engineers and testers a bit too often these days. (I reported this as a bug during the testing process for 10.4.3, but obviously it wasn’t fixed in the final release.)

2 Responses to “Mail 2.0: Ugly redrawing glitch”

  1. vaag says:

    I followed your instructions, but I don’t notice this behaviour (15″ PB, 10.4.3).

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    It doesn’t occur if you insert the attachment near the beginning of the body of the message. It has to be at the end, and it has to be with a fair amount of quoted text above it.

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