Anti-Aliasing Hall of Shame: BBEdit 8

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Anti-Aliasing Hall of Shame
October 19th, 2005 • 2:49 pm

Say it ain’t so… Even Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit? The best Mac OS X text editor?

Sadly, the answer is yes. Anyone who edits web pages with BBEdit can see it. Just open a web page and bring up the “Anchor” dialog box:

BBEdit Anchor dialog

Yup. Even Bare Bones Software. After all these years. In such an obvious location. It’s sad. And it just shows how common the problem is in Mac OS X. (Clearly in this case it’s a problem with classic Mac OS code that hasn’t been properly updated.)

UPDATE: Please read “Anti-Aliasing Hall of Shame: More about BBEdit and Mac OS X.”

2 Responses to “Anti-Aliasing Hall of Shame: BBEdit 8”

  1. Jussi says:

    All of the programs that can’t anti-aliasing seem to be Carbon applications.

    I’d like to see AppleWorks, FileMaker, Pages and Keynote added to the list. They all have their share of crappy anti-aliasing. :(

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    Not to worry, they’ll all be inducted in time!

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