Mac OS X’s Finder: Wrong focus after renaming file on desktop

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
August 12th, 2005 • 10:42 am

Yesterday, I wrote about the annoying alert that the Finder displays when you try to rename a file with a new file extension.

Today, I have to note that there is one thing that makes it even more annoying. If you try to rename a file that is on the desktop, and you change the file extension, the Finder displays the annoying alert, but then, after you dismiss the alert (with either button), the Finder switches the focus to the next available Finder window that’s currently open, instead of returning the focus to the file on the desktop that you are currently renaming!

This means that, on top of everything else, you have to grab your mouse again to click once again on the icon to bring it back to the foreground! Argh.

Of course, this only happens on the desktop itself. (If the Finder displays the alert while you are renaming a file in a Finder window, the focus returns to that window after the alert is dismissed.)

And if no Finder windows are open or visible (i.e. if no Finder windows are open or if they are all minimized to the Dock), then the focus returns to the desktop item properly.

But still, this kind of sloppy behaviour is unacceptable.

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