Mail 2.0: Strange selection behaviour

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
July 18th, 2005 • 2:18 pm

Try the following. Open an existing message in a new window, click on the body of the message and select some text there.

Then without holding any modifier keys, move your mouse pointer to the header section and select some text there. Note that this does not deselect the text that’s currently selected in the body of the message, but puts the body in the background, thereby turning the selection colour to grey (indicative of a “selection in the background”).

Now copy or drag-and-drop the text you selected in the header section.

Mail copies/drags and drops a text selection that includes both the text selected in the header and the text selected in the body of the message. Strange, isn’t it?

I realize that selecting something in the header does not deselect what’s selected in the body. But still — the body is in the background. How can copying or dragging-and-dropping include something that’s in the background?

This really does not make much sense.

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