Finder: Can’t drag item if name is editable (list view)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 19th, 2005 • 8:50 am

I don’t know why, today is the day for uncovering Finder bugs and flaws… Here’s another one that’s outrageously easy to reproduce.

Open a Finder window in View as List view mode. Select an item in the window. Click on the name a second time to make it editable. While the name is editable, click and hold on the file’s icon and try to drag it somewhere else.

It won’t work. All that the Finder does is that it switches the editable state of the name off. But it refuses to drag the item.

Of course, there’s no such problem either in View as Icons or in View as Columns view mode. Only in View as List.

Another bad one!

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