Apple iPod Camera Connector: Just right

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
March 25th, 2005 • 6:17 am

The device that was promised by Apple for March is now available. And based on the description, it’s exactly what was needed.

Contrary to the devices sold by Belkin, the iPod Camera Connector supports both direct connection to a digital camera or connection to a media reader. It comes with a standard USB port and to this port you can connect either the USB cable coming from your digital camera or the USB cable coming from your USB media reader.

This tech note confirms the three protocols (PTP, Type 4, and Mass Storage) supported by the device.

In addition, it’s significantly cheaper than the Belkin devices. Here in Canada, the Apple iPod Camera Connector is $39, whereas the Belkin Digital Camera Link is $109, and the Belkin iPod Media Reader is $139!

Of course, the second Belkin device comes with its own media reader, but still…

The Apple device also looks like it’s one simple, clean design — as opposed to the Belkin devices, which look quite clunky.

Finally, there are also reports that the Belkin devices are quite power-hungry. Let’s hope that this Apple device is not too hard on battery life.

My Apple iPod Camera Connector is on order. The only trouble is it’s estimated to be shipping within “1-3 weeks” and I really need it before April 10. Might be tight.

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