Word 2004: option-shift-Left keyboard shortcut in table cells

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
March 18th, 2005 • 6:44 am

I promise this is the last post on keyboard selection for today :).

Take a Word document containing a 2×2 table, for example. Type some text in each cell.

In the bottom-left table cell (first column, second row), place the insertion point after the first word in the first paragraph of text in the cell and then press option-shift-Left once.

This selects the first word in the table cell as expected.

Then press option-shift-Left once more.

This selects the entire table row and the entire row above it!

Then press option-shift-Right to try and correct this selection by undoing what you’ve just done.

“Tough luck”, says Microsoft. Once you’ve done this, you cannot go back. You have to deselect everything and start all over again.

Remember: this is exactly the type of situation that Rick Schaut was complaining about the other day in iTunes.

If Rick thinks that the lack of anchored selection in iTunes is bad, what does he think of this?

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