Pages: Incorrect text wrap for parentheses

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
March 3rd, 2005 • 5:38 am

Pages’ text wrapping algorithm appears to be suffering from some kind of flaw. In certain situations, if you use an “s” between parentheses to indicate an optional plural form for a word, as in “the flaw(s)“, Pages will not hesitate to break the line between the word and the “(s)“.

Here’s an example in French (where the same convention is used to indicate an optional plural form):

Pages - Wrong text wrap

Before you ask: No, I assure you, there is no space between “enfant” and “(s)“.

Strangely enough, I am not able to reproduce this reliably (hence the example in French).

Even stranger is the fact that, when I export the document as a Word document, and then open it with TextEdit, the same flaw is apparent — even though TextEdit strips the automatic numbering, which it appears to be unable to handle.

If I then open the exported Word document in Word, “enfant” and “(s)” stay together, regardless of what I do.

In other words, there appears to be a flaw in the underlying text wrapping engine that both Pages and TextEdit use. But it’s not an obvious flaw. (In most situations with an option “(s)“, the “(s)” will stay with the word that comes before it.)


3 Responses to “Pages: Incorrect text wrap for parentheses”

  1. Julik says:

    You call this pain?

    Take this – Illustrator CS brakes lines between punctiation and russian letters (and by this I mean all punctiation – parentheses, points, commas, quotes – whatever).

    Now imagine making a website comp in this friendly environment and you will know what pain is.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    We all have our problems… :) Sounds bad indeed, though.

  3. Julik says:

    It is. And of course they have “UNICODE” in character sets menu when placing a text file which is, guess what? Grayed out.

    Actually Illustrator CS comes as close second (after GoLive) in the number of useless, shameful bugs. The fact that Fireworks MX does not support Wacom tablets anymore makes it even more painful.

    I call this ‘the Bangalore Infestation’, if it doesn’t sound too rude.

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