iTunes Music Store (Canada) is live

Posted by Pierre Igot in: iTunes, Music, Technology
December 2nd, 2004 • 4:43 am

The Canadian version of the iTunes Music Store is finally up and running. It took a long time and we might never know exactly why. Steve Jobs had announced it for November. Today’s December 2nd. Oh well. Not too bad.

First bit of good news is that the typical pricing for individual tracks is $0.99 Canadian. While the Canadian dollar is much closer to parity with the US dollar that it was not so long ago, we’re still not quite there yet, so this is good news. (Typically, CDs are also a bit cheaper here in Canada than the US, so they probably didn’t have much choice.)

The real question is going to be: What’s available? But that’s going to take a while to determine—especially over my pokey 28.8 kbps connection. (iTunes has already crashed on me once while accessing the store.)

I am not particularly interested in stuff that’s readily available on CD. I’d much rather have real CD quality on reliable media. But I’m definitely interested in “exclusive” titles and other back catalogue stuff not available on CD.

We’ll see.

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