Prince’s ‘Kiss’

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September 27th, 2004 • 11:34 pm

MP3 blogger Tofu Hut has tons of interesting music — and also interesting comments and links to other stuff.

The other day he had a link to an old article (from June 2001) about Prince’s song “Kiss” which I hadn’t seen before. It’s an article by Dan Daley that appeared in Mix magazine on June 1, 2001, and it’s still available on the web. It’s a really good read, with lots of insight from co-producer David Z. about how the track came to be and was put together, and then about how the recording industry responded to it (“What? No bass track? Are you crazy?”) before it became a No. 1 hit with a bullet.

It ends with a telling quote from David Z. :

“That record was up against the paranoia of radio and the power of corporate record labels. That time, the record and the artist won. These days, neither one would have had a chance in hell.”

Unfortunately, it’s a sad indication of the sorry state of today’s music industry.

Tofu Hut also has an interview with London Lee, the individual behind the Number One Songs In Heaven MP3 blog. I cannot help but note that the first two discs on London Lee’s “five desert island discs” are… Prince’s Sign O’ The Times and The Jam’s All Mod Cons. Always glad to read about people whose musical tastes include some of my own all-time favourites! It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to explore the other music that they talk about… and that’s what’s so exciting about MP3 blogs. People with musical taste!

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