EPL: Arsenal and Vieira

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
July 23rd, 2004 • 7:33 am

This time, it’s starting to look like Vieira is going to be lured by the Spanish sirens of Real Madrid after all. Nothing is done yet, but the signs are there: Arsène Wenger saying that it’s “up to Patrick Vieira“; Arsenal is buying and chasing midfielders; Arsenal is buying more players than they said they were going to buy, which seems to indicate that they anticipate a cash influx; and Vieira himself is remaining silent.

It is, of course, a major disappointment, because Vieira can be such an outstanding player and, of course, he has been the captain of the team for a couple of years now. His departure would be a major blow for the team.

The reasons given for the move are predictable: Arsenal have never won anything in Europe, and Real Madrid have won the Champions’ League so many times… But Vieira’s move would contradict all the talk about “building” something special with Arsenal. In Madrid, Vieira will be “just another” galatico. With Arsenal, he could be the major force behind the rise of the club to European prominence and really make history.

No one can read Vieira’s mind, but it’s a bit hard to imagine that he can’t see the difference. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Arsenal can achieve this — but then, there’s no guarantee that Real Madrid will win the Champions’ League again either. You just have to look at what happened last year… On paper, they probably have a better chance. But isn’t it time for a “reversal of power” at the European level as well?

I guess we’ll know more in the next few weeks. But the longer we have to wait, the more likely it will be that Vieira’s decision is to move on.

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  1. Ern says:

    You just said it, in Madrid he will be “just another” and that’s kind of sad for a great player. Madrid was a disaster last year because they weren’t a team but a bunch of players, now they have a “real” coach Camacho so they will probably do better. Expect no longer all the “galacticos” playing at the same time, more rotations and better defensive work. Vieira is the kind of player Madrid needs since Makelele went to Chelsea and Arsenal has just jumped the shark. Check Chelsea and Liverpool with Benitez on the premier this year.
    Anyway Barcelona still has Ronaldinho, he is the leader, the best player in the word by far, and he makes better the rest of the team build AROUND him. Oporto (with Deco) and Monaco (Morientes, Guily) were examples of good teams based on the same policy Barcelona has followed last year, while Madrid will have more problems than expected to won anything with its All-Stars mode.

    PD: I’m sorry for Newcastle fans, good look with Kluivert you will need it. Thanks lord he is no longer in Barcelona!

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    Well, things are still rather unpredictable at this point in the Vieira saga. Maybe he’ll stay after all. As for Madrid, they are trying to be the “Harlem Globe Trotters” of the football world — but I am afraid that it’s proving to be a bit more difficult than just buying the best players in the world and putting them together on the pitch. For that matter, Chelsea hasn’t won anything yet either. Liverpool might improve this season.

    Kluivert at Newcastle? Oh well, apparently EPL defenses are not as good as the ones in continental teams, so maybe he’s got a better chance of scoring! :) Still, he looks like he’s past his prime at this point. But who knows?

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