Mac OS X: Return to stability

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
May 28th, 2004 • 5:25 am

After a few rocky weeks with various types of system freezes requiring hard resets, I am happy to report that, since I have replaced my internal hard drive with a brand new Seagate model and turning off the security option asking for my password every time I wake my G4 from sleep ((displays only), I haven’t experienced a single freeze or crash.

In fact, things have been so stable that even Safari has been running non-stop for more than a week with all kinds of web pages left open and new ones being loaded and then closed all the time. I have only had a couple of application-specific crashes and freezes with Mail (a chronic culprit).

But on the whole, things are good — very good indeed. The Seagate hard drive is definitely quieter than the original IBM drive (no more funky noises), and possibly a tad faster too.

Let’s just hope it lasts — for a long time. I’ve spent more than enough time troubleshooting my own machine lately. (One of the drawbacks of working at home is that you don’t have access to tech support staff as you would in an office setting. But then, as a Mac user, I probably wouldn’t get much valuable tech support if I were in an office environment. In fact, I might not even be allowed to use a Mac. Still, my main employer is somewhat fortunate that I do my own troubleshooting — and I certainly consider it part of my regular job, even if it’s not part of my job description. I paid for the replacement hard drive with my own money, though!)

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