FileMaker Developer 7: Error in console.log

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
May 20th, 2004 • 5:56 am

Each time I launch FileMaker Developer 7, either by opening the application itself or by opening a FMD7 file, I see the following error message in my console.log:

2004-05-20 16:38:04.374 FileMaker[664] CFLog (21):
Error loading @executable_path/../
A/FMS: error code 0, error number 2 (dyld: /Applications/
FileMaker Developer 7/FileMaker
MacOS/FileMaker can't open library: @executable_path/../
A/FMS (No such file or directory, errno = 2)


In other words (as far as I understand it), FileMaker Developer is unable to locate a file within itself. (Like all Mac OS X applications, FileMaker Developer 7 is actually a package containing lots of files used for running the application.)

Looks suspiciously like sloppy programming to me! (I’ve sent a bug report to FileMaker.)

In other FM news, the FileMaker TechInfo database has an article entitled “FileMaker Pro 7 Does Not Support Mouse Scroll Wheel On Mac OS X“. The full text of the article is exactly as follows:

FileMaker Pro 7 on Mac OS X does not currently support the scrolling mouse wheel found on some third party mice.

All use of this article is subject to FileMaker´s terms of use at




FileMaker Pro 7

Mac OS X

The message couldn’t be clearer, right? FileMaker doesn’t support the mouse scroll wheel on Mac OS X, even though Mac OS X itself fully supports its, and FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary. In other words, FileMaker, even though it’s an Apple subsidiary, doesn’t care much about supporting Mac OS X. In case it wasn’t clear already.

In the same vein, there are two TechInfo articles on font smoothing: Article 109055 titled “Text Appears Blurred Or Fuzzy In FileMaker Pro 7 For Mac OS X” and Article 108764 titled “Use Of Font Smoothing (Also Known As Anti-aliasing) For Fonts And Graphics“. Neither of these two articles acknowledges the obvious flaw in FileMaker’s support of Quartz Text Smoothing, as described in this previous blog entry.

Some things don’t look like they’ll be improved any time soon.

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  1. Warren Beck says:

    “In other words, FileMaker, even though it’s an Apple subsidiary, doesn’t care much about supporting Mac OS X.”

    This often happens when a company makes most of its money from the Windows version of its product. It becomes a bother to support anything other than a least-common denominator level of function on Mac OS X. The MBAs at the firm point out the high “opportunity cost” of adding things to the Mac version.

    Even as an Apple subsidiary, FileMaker has to report its bottom line to the Apple board, I guess.

    Now, Apple could make things a lot better by allowing developers to use the Yellow Box on the Windows side. Then Cocoa developers would be able to ship a single version of an app as a fat binary that would run on either platform. We should ask Avie Tevanian about this.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    I don’t have my Address Book of contact information for Apple executives handy. Can you take care of this? ;-)

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