Safari: Bug with URLs ending with /#xxxx fixed

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
April 22nd, 2004 • 12:50 am

This one is another long-standing bug that I (and probably a number of other people) reported to Apple a long time ago and that has silently been fixed by Apple.

The search-engine friendly URLs that my blogging system generates often end with a slash, which makes them look like they are referring to a directory on the server. (They are not actually referring to a directory, but this is a way for the blogging system to force Google and other search engines to index the file.)

For example, the URL for the link above is:

Safari: Problem with accented chars in page titles fixed

The problem in Safari would occur when a reference to an anchor or division within the page would be added to the URL, as in:

Safari: Problem with accented chars in page titles fixed

Normally, the “#comments” should force the browser to jump directly to the corresponding section in the page and display that section starting at the top of the page.

The last time I test this (several months ago), this would work fine in Camino, but didn’t work in Safari. Safari would just display the top of the page, as if the “#comments” didn’t exist.

Well, now Safari does behave properly. Cool.

Once again, I had no clue that the bug had been fixed because Apple never got back to me about it (even though they said they would). But what matters is that it’s fixed. This means that when people click on the “comments” link at the bottom of a blog entry that is displayed without the corresponding comments, Safari will now correctly load the page containing the blog entry with the comments and jump to the comments section automatically.

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