Panther’s Mail: Strange bug in Message window toolbar

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
March 31st, 2004 • 12:42 am

In Panther’s Mail application, if you double-click on a message to open it in a separate window, and then click on any of the following toolbar buttons: “Reply”, “Reply All”, “Redirect”, or “Forward” while holding the Option key down, instead of ignoring the Option key and doing the expected action, Mail closes all windows, including the Mail Viewer window, and you have to open a new one and start again.

Why would I hold the Option key down while clicking on these buttons, you ask? Well, it’s an hold habit from my Eudora days. In Eudora, there weren’t two separate buttons for “Reply” and “Reply All”. Either “Reply” or “Reply All” was the default behaviour for the “Reply” button (based on a preference setting), and then holding the Option key down while invoking the “Reply” command (button or shortcut) would switch to the other one.

Old habits die hard, as we all know, and this one still creeps up on me from time to time. That’s how I discovered this strange bug.

2 Responses to “Panther’s Mail: Strange bug in Message window toolbar”

  1. Pierre Igot says:

    I am just reporting on a bug, not “ranting”. It’s no big deal, but it still deserves to be fixed some day, and people might be interested in knowing that they are not the only one experiencing it.

  2. Andre says:

    Pierre, isn’t that exagerated ranting? Apple Mail is Apple Mail and Eudora is Eudora, and Qualcomm seems not to want to spring on the Cocoa bandwagon. Should I tell you which things work differntly in Mailsmith?

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