Sick in a strange way

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March 30th, 2004 • 11:23 pm

Not really a “mental” case — at least not according to most reasonably well-informed people (including the several mental health professionals who have all been unsuccessful in their attempts to treat me as one) — but not really a “physical” case either. We are, quite obviously, in that “grey area” in between, where things seem to be happening for unknown and currently unknowable reasons, and the conscious mind might be able to help bring some disruptions back under control. But there is no proven method for doing this — certainly nothing coming from the mental health profession.

Since we are in that grey area, we are probably dealing with problems that require a multidisciplinary type of approach. And that type of approach — well — simply does not exist. The medical profession is just too fragmented and too heavily focused on symptoms rather than root causes anyway. As for those who claim to be using such a “holistic” approach, they might be honest and well-meaning (as opposed to purely dishonest quacks), but they simply do not have the scientific credentials required to ensure that the medical dimension in their multidimensional approach is solid. This means that they are ultimately just as powerless when it comes to dealing with grey-area situations.

They probably manage to actually help some people purely by chance — but there is nothing scientific about what they do, and it would often be much better if they just did what they are doing without trying to explain or justify it to their “patients” in pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo that any reasonably scientific person can very easily debunk. In other words, it could very well be that they would be more successful in dealing with such grey-area cases if they would just shut up and focus on their actions, and let them do the talking.

That being said, I am not giving up, and I am willing to try things as long as they are not too obviously a waste of my time and money, and they make a minimum amount of sense (with or without explanation).

To be continued…

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