Weather Bomb 19-02-2004

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Nature
February 23rd, 2004 • 11:42 am

Some of you might have heard about the “weather bomb” that hit eastern Canada a few days ago. One meter of snow in half a day and winds of up to 100 km/h. It was quite spectacular.

Here’s a link to a few pictures I took during and after the storm. The worst part of it is that we got freezing rain and another foot of snow less than 48 hours later.

Still, I’ve been quite impressed with the speedy recovery in the province and the fact that there were no major accidents. I guess people got enough of an advance warning, and were reasonable enough to stay home!

That’s what we did, anyway. No point in shovelling snow when you know the wind is going to send it back in the same places in no time.

All in all, it was apparently a record amount in so little time. When we went to bed the night before, there were just a few snowflakes calmy coming down. When we got up the next morning, we were already buried deep in the white stuff.


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