Bush apologist, you’re running out of ideas

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Society
February 2nd, 2004 • 4:15 am

The Globe and Mail columnist Rex Murphy used to be pretty funny at times. But September 11 happened, and everything that followed seems (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) to have taken its toll on the poor man.

His latest editorial piece titled “Bush-haters, you’re running out of esteem” is really the worst piece I have read from him in a long time.

I realize that such editorials are opinionated pieces and that investigation is not usually a requirement. But really — what world does Rex Murphy live in? Instead of focusing on extreme (and caricatural) cases of “Bush-hating”, he could and should have at least tried to get a little bit closer to the actual “pulse” of the nation (Canada in his case).

The problem in most western societies (with the exception of the US) is not Bush-hating, it is Bush fear. To me, and to most people I speak to, Bush and his clique are simply scary. Last time I checked, even in opinionated editorials, journalists are still supposed to try and cast new light on the issues of the day.

I fail to see what this latest column by Rex Murphy brings to the debate.

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