Mailsmith 2.0.1: Yey!

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
August 20th, 2003 • 10:48 pm

Straight from Bare Bones:

Added a “List Display Font” option to the Application preferences. This option determines the size of the font used to display lists (such as message lists and mailbox lists, and pretty much every other list in the application as well). So if you want to use Papyrus 17 now, go right ahead…

You can now perform tests against GROUP membership in the Apple Address Book, using the new “Sender’s GROUP Membership” term. As with the “Sender is Known” term, “Sender’s GROUP Membership” will CHECK the From, Reply-To, and Sender addresses; if any of those addresses is in the specified group, then the term matches. Thus, you can now use the groups defined in your Apple Address Book to control mail filtering as well.

Don’t particularly like the patronizing tone of if you want to use Papyrus 17 now, go right ahead. I have an Apple Cinema Display 23″ HD and the default list display font in Mailsmith is just too small. Bare Bones needs to realize that the future demands resolution-independent features, i.e. full visual scability for all aspects of the interface. What is a 9 point or 10 point font going to look like when we have monitors with a 300 dpi resolution, if points = pixels?

Other than that, however, this is very exciting news, because these were pretty much the only two major issues that were preventing me from trying to use Mailsmith 2.0 full-time.

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