Marc Zeedar on InDesign updater idiocy

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
July 24th, 2003 • 4:12 pm

Marc Zeedar at rightfully rants against this stupid requirement in the Adobe InDesign 2.x updaters that forces you to quit all other applications before the UPDATE can be completed.

It’s idiotic, it’s annoying, it’s Adobe, a.k.a. another Microsoft in the making. All the signs are there that Adobe cares less and less about user friendliness. It doesn’t seem to be a significant factor in their software development cycle.

I am afraid that this is simply an illustration of the fact that Adobe cares less and less about its Mac users in general. Adobe sells more software for Windows than it does for the Mac. The focus in Windows is clearly not on user friendliness. Hence the gradual decline in the quality of Adobe products.

This is how a simple rant against a small Mac-specific issue becomes a general rant against the situation in today’s software industry. And, unfortunately, it makes us sound like naÔve idealists ? la Don Quixote. When all we want is properly designed software.

Grrr indeed, Marc.

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