Betalogue has moved!

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Blogging
July 23rd, 2003 • 12:42 am

Please note that I have given up on Radio UserLand and moved to a new blogging system called pMachine. This means a number of changes, which I will EXPLAIN in more detail in future posts on the new blog. Most importantly, here are the new addresses:

The new home page for Betalogue is:

(No suffix required.)

The new RSS feed is at:

Please UPDATE your bookmarks!

The current site will remain available at the current address, at least until I find a way to import all the old Radio posts in pMachine. It can also still be searched either from this page or from the new home page.

But this old blog will no longer be updated… Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you at the new address!

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