Champions League: AC Milan 0 – Juventus 0

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
May 29th, 2003 • 5:57 am

Good grief. There should be a law against this type of playing. How many dives can 20 men perform in an hour and a half? Too many to count… and of course at that stage there have been so many fake fouls that the real ones don’t get noticed by the referees anymore. Which makes it effectively a lottery, far before the penalty kicks have even started.

The ESPN commentators were trying to make excuses for them, saying that the game was more “open” than they expected it to be. Well, I’m afraid I just didn’t see that. To me it was the same old bore-fest, coupled with a dive-fest. The only people that end up looking good in this type of game are the keepers, because inevitably they’ll stop the poorly taken penalty kicks. At that game, Milan obviously won. But not by much!

I must say, I don’t see the point. To me, the real final was so obviously that 4-3 game between Manchester and Real Madrid. At least we were able to enjoy that this year. But this — there is no excuses for this. The debate about silver goal, golden goal, penalty kicks, whatever, is irrelevant. What’s relevant is what we are going to do about all these average players diving constantly, making it impossible to referee the games and turning football into a “Did You See Me Diving?” extravaganza. It’s pathetic.

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