Mac OS X: More on sticky contextual menu issue

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
May 22nd, 2003 • 10:13 pm

To be fair to Explorer, the more I think about it, there more it appears that there is a system-wide problem with sticky menus in Mac OS X. Quite often, in several different applications, I experience the unexpected behavior of menus not sticking when they should stick (after a single click) and sticking when they should not (after a click-and-hold).

I’ve reported the problem in Mail to Apple, but I suspect the problem in Explorer’s Favorites Toolbar that I described yesterday is part of the “same family” of problems.

It is especially frustrating because it’s totally unpredictable, and it doesn’t generate a crash log since it’s not a crash. The only “visible” sign that there is a problem is this weird line that appears in the Console log:

[date & time] DualG4 last message repeated [X] times

(“DualG4” being the name of my machine)

The “[X]” varies depending on how hard I try to get the menu to stick or not stick. Not sure it means much beyond Mac OS X not understanding what’s going on.


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