EPL: Final Day

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May 12th, 2003 • 9:30 pm

The final day of the English Premier League was not the exciting, climactic end that neutrals had been hoping for… The title itself was decided in the most anticlimactic fashion by a home defeat of Arsenal against Leeds a week ago. With the brilliant attacking display of the last two games (three hat tricks in two games!) against Southampton (6-1) and at Sunderland (0-4), Arsenal should indeed have many regrets… They ended up well ahead on goal difference, and the title was lost because of a couple of stupidly conceded draws.

In any case, these last two games should give them the confidence boost needed to knock Southampton again next week in the FA Cup final. It’ll be the last big excitement of the season. We’ll see.

Elsewhere, the Big Van Nistelrooy Swine managed to win the Golden Boot through a penalty kick awarded to Manchester United in the 80th minute against Everton! Just what they needed, right? Van Nistelrooy might have 25 goals (against Thierry Henry’s 24), but, if I am not mistaken, about 10 of those were penalty kicks, right? Yes, he’s a great penalty taker (has he ever missed one?) and a great poacher — but that’s about it. Thierry Henry, on the other hand, is simply much more than a scorer. Just CHECK the number of assists provided by Van Nistelrooy for a sobering statistic… He just will never be one of the greats. Thierry Henry already is.

The battle against relegation provided a disappointing finale as well. There was a very small amount of hope for West Ham prior to the game, but when Bolton went two ahead against Middlesborough, it was pretty much over. West Ham was not able to escape its fate and, just like Arsenal, it lost its battle several games ago, not yesterday.

Chelsea deservedly clinched the Champion’s League spot against Liverpool, who were very fortunate to take the lead at Stamford Bridge before the home team hit back and went in front. Liverpool were boring as usual, with the same ugly clumsiness (Steven Gerrard) rearing its head again towards the end. There’ll be lots of soul searching for Gérard Houillier and his team this summer…

It certainly was not a boring season by any stretch of the imagination. It is just too bad that we didn’t get the exciting climax that we were hoping for, at either end of the table. Arsenal were by far the most exciting team, however, no matter what sore-loser Alex Ferguson says. (He’s even sore when he wins!)

Let’s hope they get their just revenge next year!

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