EPL: Bolton 2 – Arsenal 2

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
April 26th, 2003 • 8:22 pm

Well… We obviously weren’t ready for the toughness inflicted on us during the second half of the second period. I suppose if you break every player’s legs, eventually you will score for lack of an opposition. It was clearly Bolton’s tactic when they were 2 goals down, and it paid off — at the expense of decent football and sportsmanship.

It really is not acceptable that our three substitutions were forced by injuries. At some point, it looked like Bolton’s players were on a killing spree… Shameful stuff.

I suppose others will cry “Sore losers!” and claim the injuries were accidental. If Man U win this championship (anything can still happen, right Spurs?), then it will have been a victory of physical football against skillfulness. Strength vs. class. Bullying against simply playing.

As for Arsenal’s disciplinary record, suffice to say that many red cards against Arsenal players in the past couple of seasons have been more than debatable. Remember van Bronckhorst being sent off because he had allegedly dived? If Man U were judged by the same standards, they would have a player sent off in each and every game.

But me, I’m not bitter :). It’s a game, it’s fun to watch, people win, people lose, some results are fair, some are not. I suppose if the whole system was perfect, there would be much less drama and excitement.

I will still watch Man U’s game against Tottenham tomorrow and wait to see Roy Keane or Ruud van Nistelrooy red-carded. Hope springs eternal.

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