Alex Ferguson eats earth

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
April 9th, 2003 • 11:04 pm

I must admit it was particularly pleasing to watch Man U losing 3-1 against Real Madrid and being given a lesson of football by an extremely powerful team.

Several Man U players were also deservedly booked for ridiculously inappropriate behaviour. And some of them will rightfully miss the return leg because of suspension.

The only unfortunate part of the game was the Van Nistelroy goal, which was as lucky as most of his other goals. I just don’t see what’s so extraordinary about a player that just bullies his way around and spends his time in the surface waiting for an unfortunate rebound. The only thing that I will grant him is that he’s a great penalty taker.

It looks like the ridiculous mind games played by “Sir” Alex Ferguson might finally lead to some kind of disciplinary action, although I’m not raising my hopes. I guess he and Roy Keane are a perfect match. Makes you wonder what in the world is “noble” about his title.

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