What France really wants… is knowledgeable analysts

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Society
March 18th, 2003 • 2:30 am

I cannot believe that this kind of drivel gets actually published these days, and that the author’s “credentials” are in the full view at the bottom of the page:

What France really wants” by Dan Goure, MSNBC

More specifically:

Who in their right mind can actually believe such a thing? Has this person ever set foot in France? No reasonable French person would ever claim that they want to rid their country of America. America’s accomplishments are known and admired, when they deserve to be. Scientific and technological advances are highly valued. Etc. Even their military presence in Europe and elsewhere in the world is not generally seen as an issue.

No one is denying any of this. No one in France is boycotting American products as far as I know. This is just ridiculous.

A sizeable proportion of the French population (and the European population in general) does have problems with unabashed capitalism and reckless ultra-liberalism and, yes, in most cases these things are associated with America. But people also know that no one has come up with a “better solution” yet, and therefore no one is even dreaming of getting rid of America, whatever that means.

With “experts” such as Mr. Goure, who needs amateurs?

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