Radio glitch: entries stuck in blogging limbo

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Blogging
March 3rd, 2003 • 11:47 pm

When I went to CHECK my own web log with NetNewsWire this morning (I am still not comfortable enough with Radio to be confident that it always does everything properly as expected, and it seems that I’m justified in this), I found that my RSS feed had not been updated since Saturday, even though I had updated it twice since then, once yesterday (Sunday) evening and once earlier this morning.

I went to my Radio home page, and the last two entries did appear in the “Previous 10 posts…” list. I went to my home page online (on my web site), and the last entry available there was the second before last. Obviously Radio has recorded my last two entries locally, but had failed to upload them to my web site, either in HTML form or in XML in my RSS feed.

Why? I have no idea. I didn’t get any error messages from Radio, at any point. When I then went to the Radio application and selected the “Publish” command, it kept telling me that everything had already been published. In other words, my last two posts were stuck somewhere in blogging limbo — and it looked as if there was nothing I could do about it.

I then quit and restarted Radio, in case that would get it going again and it would “remember” to publish these last two entries. Nada. The “About Radio UserLand” status window stayed desperately idle.

I went back to my Radio home page, and then to the “Events” page. No “Upstream” events in ages. I went to the “Upstreaming” page in the “Prefs” section, just to make sure all my settings were OK. There are just three things in that window, one CHECK box to enable upstreaming, with an additional input box for the amount of time between “scans” (when Radio scans your “www” folder to see if anything has changed and needs to be published to your web site) and another one to “upstream only after publishing”, which you can use if you disable automatic upstreaming (if you are using a slow CPU). Not much that can be wrong there. Upstreaming was enabled.

Just because I had no other ideas, I re-submitted those settings through the web form. I then went to Radio and selected “Publish>All Weblog and Category Pages”. I then went to the last item in the “Previous 10 posts…” list on the home page, clicked on “Edit” and pretended to edit it, then re-post it.

I don’t know which of these three things finally caused Radio’s upstreaming to wake up, but then it finally started again… But of course it started uploading all my weblog and category pages, from the very beginning of my weblog, i.e. a little over 2 weeks ago.

I cannot imagine what will happen if the same problem reoccurs in, say, 1 year, when I have hundreds of pages in my “www” folder. Will I have to SELECT “Publish>All Weblog and Category Pages” again? I hope not — because this will obviously take hours to complete over my pokey modem connection.

I am not very pleased with this. It causes me not to trust Radio anymore. I don’t like this.

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