A ‘Pirce’ Worth Reading

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Society
February 28th, 2003 • 5:35 pm

Don’t quite now how this happened, but a piece by John Perry Barlow is now making the rounds…

Sympathy for the Devil

It certainly is an interesting piece – which doesn’t really provide any answers. The theory that Dick Cheney is actually working for world peace is, mm, challenging, to say the least. But what’s really mind-boggling is how Mr. Cheney and Co. could expect to achieve world peace by using Mr. Bush Jr as a spokesperson. Cunning?

What’s really interesting, though, in the big scheme of things, is that such an importance piece, by such an important author, is only accessible through the archives of a mailing list about “Interesting People” (are we talking about the people who subscribe to the list, or about people whom list subscribers find interesting, at the risk of creating a tautological loop?), in a post by a Dave Farber, whose computer has had the “e” and “r” keys switched, who appears to be the owner of the list, and whose list archiving system obviously has no patience for apostrophes, quotation marks, and other such superfluous characters.

I’m probably missing something big, here, since Mr. Farber appears to be such an “interesting” person himself, HAVING “helped develop the first electronic telephone switches while at Bell Laboratories in the 1960’s” and HAVING just been appointed the Chief Technologist at the Federal Communications Commission and all that. HAVING a decent-looking web page was obviously not part of the job requirements.

Anyway, I’m way outside of my league here. I’m not even a member of the EFF (yet). But I still think that this interesting piece deserves a proper web page.

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