Problems with Radio UserLand (so far)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Blogging
February 25th, 2003 • 11:48 pm

*1* Can’t handle quotation marks in item titles. If you use a quotation mark, it truncates the rest of the title (the quotation mark and everything that comes after).

*2* Can’t handle accented characters in item titles. If you use an accented character on the Mac in the item title field and publish, the character is not encoded in ISO-Latin 1 properly. Workaround is to encode the character in ISO-Latin 1 (i.e. using HTML entities) manually in the title field itself.

*3* myPictures tool is unpredictable (doesn’t work right away) and requires page refresh, which prevents you from starting typing your blog entry. Doesn’t support PNG picture files either. Eats non-GIF/JPG files alive without telling you. They disappear from your hard drive.

*4* Radio uses the default Mac OS X date format, regardless of the language setting for the blog. On my system, the default Mac OS X date format is French Canadian, but my blog is set to English Canadian. My dates still appear in French. I guess that makes it an officially bilingual blog :).

*5* I’m very confused about what changes cause files to be updated where. For example, if I make a change to my “Home page template”, will the change automatically be reflected in my home page on my FTP server and in all the index pages for category pages that are based on the same template? If I make a change to the “Navigator links” settings, will the change be automatically reflected in all the pages (day pages, week pages, index pages, etc.) that feature these Nav links? This kind of stuff doesn’t seem to be done automatically by Radio…

*6* In the same vein… I like to have a local copy of all the HTML files created by Radio (my modem connection is slow), so I’m using the “Keep local backup” option… But when is that local backup updated? Whenever new HTML files are uploaded to my FTP server? (Doesn’t look like it) At regular intervals?

*7* I am also very confused about the various levels of templates when used in combination with the “Themes” feature. For example, I’ve created a theme based on my customized version of the “Woodlands” theme included in Radio. But if I apply that theme to my category pages, and then make a change to one of the template pages, the changes are not reflected in the category pages… It’s all quite confusing :).

*8* notification doesn’t seem to work. I never see my blog in the list of recently updated blogs at, anyway…

More to come, I’m sure…

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