PowerPoint X: Somebody pinch me

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
February 23rd, 2003 • 7:21 pm

Alright, this is the last note about PowerPoint X. But I have to mention this…

The default view in PowerPoint X is this three-pane view with the presentation outline on the left, the slide view in the top-right pane, and the slide notes in the bottom-right pane.

It is impossible to change the font or font size or apply styles to the text in the notes pane. The formatting palette options do not work. There is no preference setting to change the default font or font size in the notes pane.

That’s bad enough.

Then if you try to change the size of the text by using PowerPoint’s zoom feature, PowerPoint does blow the text up, but it doesn’t wrap it properly! In other words, the text becomes wider than what the notes pane can display and you have to scroll horizontally to view the end of each line.


We are in 2003, and I feel like I am using a software program that was written by some 10-year-old nerd in 1982.

Somebody pinch me.

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