Ferguson and Beckham / Arsenal and Chelsea

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
February 18th, 2003 • 1:36 am

Two interesting bits of news today: Alex Ferguson injures Beckham with a boot (two stitches needed!), and Arsenal gets to play Chelsea in the next round of the FA Cup.

Ferguson is a scary dude… But then, what do you expect from a team whose captain is Roy Keane. And that thing about Arsenal players having allegedly “bullied” the referee intro yellow-carding Man U players was lame. Has Ferguson ever watched his own players bullying opponents and referees alike in every single game they play? Roy Keane calling people “pricks” (he’s one to talk!), Beckham shouting at the linesmen, etc. Man U were beaten at their own game, and that should teach them a lesson… that they’ll probably never learn.

As for Chelsea… Well, if we do end up winning this year’s Cup, no one will be able to say that we didn’t deserve it!

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