Articles posted in November, 2010

Word 2011: More on ‘This is not a valid file name’ error message

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 • 10:14 am

Yesterday I wrote about a new bug in Word 2011 that causes it to fail to open a perfectly fine Word document with the following error message: At the time, I wrote: I was able to open the same document just fine with both Word 2008 and Pages ’09. After some investigating, I was able […]

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Word 2011: Document format confusion

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 • 5:03 pm

Here are two separate incidents that happened to me today while trying to open Word documents with Word 2011. In the first case, I had a 9-page PDF file that I opened in Acrobat Pro 9. I then used Acrobat Pro to export the PDF file as a Word document, in order to extract the […]

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Word 2011: Still significantly broken

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 • 4:42 pm

As a long-time hater of all things Microsoft, I had very little hope that Word 2011 would be an improvement over the previous version. So now that I have obtained the software and been able to use it for a few moments, I find myself unsurprised, which of course, in the case of Microsoft, is […]

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iVacation Chronicles, Pt. 6: Browsing

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 • 11:20 am

This is the sixth installment in my series on using the iPad as a laptop replacement during a vacation in France back in August 2010. The first five installments were: iVacation Chronicles, Pt. 1: Profiles in AirPort Utility iVacation Chronicles, Pt. 2: Photos iVacation Chronicles, Pt. 3: News reading iVacation Chronicles, Pt. 4: Text entry […]

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